Our Story

We’re Alexia and Darian, and we created Vuka. We both grew up in South Africa, and the name Vuka means “wake up” in Zulu. We’re parents to three amazing kids, we run our businesses, and we love to surf and dance and run and fly planes and cook and write books and make music and travel and enjoy every little bit of life that we can! We’re big believers in the concept of harnessing human potential and we love that everyone has a spark of that inside. But we realized that sometimes we need a little boost to energize that spark.

We launched Vuka in 2009 in Denver, Colorado and moved to sunny San Diego in 2012 because, well, it's sunny. Since then we've grown and grown and really do see ourselves as "the little brand that could". There are some chemical giants out there, and we take them on every day, because we passionately believe in Vuka and that products like Vuka are the new normal. We love what we do and we love the brand that we've created. In 2019 Darian handed the reigns over to Alexia (although he still helps out when asked!) and Vuka is now a proudly woman owned and run business. If you have any questions or queries, we encourage you to reach out to Alexia directly at alexia@vuka.com.

We wanted to create beverages that can help you “WAKE UP” to what’s inside. And because we believe in choosing healthier options, inside every Vuka drink you’ll find premium ingredients, no preservatives and no chemicals, along with a handful of vitamins and nutrients to help you achieve your goals. We hope that these delicious drinks give you the energy to get what you want out of life.

We know for sure that it's made a difference in ours :)