The Vuka Tribe is a collective of like-minded individuals who love life, live with compassion and passion for the world around them, and enjoy the little spark of energy that Vuka gives them!

Interested in joining the Vuka Tribe? You don't need to be the next YouTube star or an Instagram guru. We're just looking for people who embrace life with the same kind of enthusiasm we do. Please note that we're specifically NOT looking for energy drink reviewers or individuals who specialize in product reviews and promotions. You just need a contagious passion for the things you do and the world around you!

All Vuka Tribe members receive gift packages, Vuka beverages and a huge outpouring of love from us! Additional levels of support are considered on a case by case basis.

Here's what we need to know:

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Mailing Address (must be in the USA)
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Submitting this form does not guarantee you entry to the Vuka Tribe. Selection is entirely at the discretion of Vuka, LLC. You will be contacted via email should your request be approved. thanks!!