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The Simon Van Gend Band

Simon's third album, Guest of my Feelings is, as the title suggests, a small collection of personal reflections. Humble, insightful, analytical, expressive - Simon likes to get to the bottom of all the things that keep him awake at night. This accoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter/insomniac and his band of Eric Mischot on bass and Ross Campbell on drums have produced an interestingly catching album of folk/rock, with some songs that will pull you into their depths and others that will lift your spirits.

Recorded by Joe Arthur, whose credits include both recent Freshlyground albums, Tony Cox, Watershed (all SAMA winners in their respective categories), the album also features the thigh-slapping mandolin of Brendon Bussy and the beautifully subtle piano of Chris Letcher, who also adds backing vocals and a host of other obscure instruments to the mix. On the whole though, this albums sounds like a tight and dymanic trio playing the accoustic songs they spent many hours arranging and refining into these blistering bits of emotional splendor.

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Miss Texas 1977

Gene Kierman, Frances Kierman, Andy Jamieson and Julia Merrett. Alternative Acid Folk from Cape Town, South Africa. The brainchild of Gene Kierman, songwriter, guitarist and singer, his style is offbeat, gentle and whacky, with roots in the old-timey music of the Southern Appalachians. Gene live in San Francisco for a number of years, where he honed his trade, but now calls Cape Town home.

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